Can You Be Mentally Prepared For a Hysterectomy?

My wife and I thought we were finished having children. Our first go-round, we’d struggled a bit. I use the term struggled loosely because we didn’t have to endure any infertility treatments or anything of the sort. It had basically just taken a couple of years on our own. Probably because of the endometriosis, but […]

Sex & Endometriosis: 4 Quotes That Will Teach You Everything Women Go Through

Sex and endometriosis. Honestly, I hadn’t thought of it because my wife (founder, Shawnda McNeal) has always been quiet about it. Plus, throughout our 13 years together, I’ve always tried to let her take the lead on the whole sex thing. I just never felt right nudging her into it in any scenario. But, there […]

No Cure For Endometriosis, So What’s The Point?

Last week something interesting happened to us at Braave. In an effort to spread the word about Braave partaking in AmazonSmile program, board member Atom Smasher posted the Smile link on The Atom Smasher Morning show page. There was a comment here and there about supporting the organization, fighting for women with endometriosis, then a […]

The Guilt-Ridden Struggle of a Mom With Endometriosis

3:25PM. That is the saddest time of my day. At 3:25 pm, I’m left with just enough strength to get myself out of bed, open the blinds, and make myself presentable before he gets home at 3:30. Sad and anxious. Can I get out of bed? Can I get my game-face on? All this blasts […]

How to Be Your Own Advocate

No doubt you’ve been there before. The doctor walks in, goes over your symptoms, listens to your complaints, nods, and says, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” The internal struggle begins immediately. You just know that something is wrong, yet here is this expert telling you that you are fine. It is in this very moment […]

What is Braave?

They said I was brave. That’s how it all started. At first, I wondered how, exactly, I was being brave. I mean, all I thought I was doing was just not taking no for an answer. Continuing to push past the specialists telling me I had this or that or this. But, then I started […]