Endo Battle Story: Lysha Dunsworth

endometriosis battle lysha dunsworth
My endometriosis battle started when I was 16.

Once a month, during “that time of the month”, it felt like I had a knife in my lower abdomen non stop during the 3-4 days that the cycle would last. The pain was so bad that, at its highest threshold, I would vomit. I missed school all the time and doctors were just shoving loratabs down my throat just so I could make it through the day.

This continued until I got married.

We started for a baby right away because we knew that there may be some difficulty and because we wanted at least 3 or four children. In the 2 years that we did fertility, we never got pregnant, but I did notice that the symptoms were very minor compared to pre-fertility. I took chlomid which helped the symptoms. The fertility specialist also had me take Lupron, to help minimize the endo.

Lupron actually lowers all of your hormone levels and shrinks the uterus a little, but it also minimizes the endometriosis, according to the specialist. I know some women really struggle on Lupron. For me, other than hot flashes, I felt great.

Fertility Roller coaster

After 2 years of fertility, with no sign of hope, we stopped trying for a baby. A couple of months after stopping fertility, we were pregnant! It was short-lived though as I miscarried a couple of weeks after we found out we were pregnant.

We ended up having 5 more pregnancies, in the next 4 years, all ending in miscarriages. In the first 6 years that we were married, I had 9 laparoscopic procedures done to help “clean” the endo out to help me get pregnant. In those 6 years, we endured 6 miscarriages.

The last miscarriage was the final straw. It was a tubal pregnancy and had ruptured. The baby was stuck between my left ovary and fallopian tube. I was bleeding internally, so I was taken into immediate surgery. There was no chance of saving the baby and they had to remove the baby, my tube and ovary. Within 6 months of my tubal pregnancy, the endo was back so bad that a total hysterectomy was required.

Present Day

I have had NO pain since the hysterectomy. Its great not having the pain, but it comes at a great cost, never being able to experience the joys of being able to have a baby. Never being able to watch my body change and go through the amazing change of creating life.

It doesn’t get much easier pursuing children after a hysterectomy, either.

We have been trying to adopt for almost 3 years now and have had several adoption fails. We are getting ready to give up on adoption too. The stress from the emotional roller coaster of adoption is almost too much to bear.


Do you have endometriosis? Please consider sharing your endo battle story.