Endo Battle Story: The Endometriosis Pain Started When I Was 13


I was 16 years old when I was first officially diagnosed with Endometriosis.

In 2003, at age 13, I got my very first period. That is when the pain started. It was absolutely unbearable! The cramps I had literally made me vomit everyday for the 5 days my period lasted.

Being thirteen my mom thought I was just being a drama queen and not dealing with PMS the way most women do.

My symptoms continued for 3 years before anyone took me seriously enough to see a doctor. On my initial consult I had to have a pap and pelvic done. Being 16 and still a virgin it was not a very good experience I was put through. I was checked for STD’s as well.

When all my results came back clear they decided to do the exploratory surgery laparoscopy. After my surgery they concluded that I did indeed have endometriosis.

No Rest From the Pain

The three years in between I never got over my endometriosis symptoms. I continued to miss school, miss school functions, miss family parties. All because of the sheer of pain.¬†Eventually, by age¬†18 I started to have symptoms all the time. Didn’t matter if I was on a cycle or not the pain would just show up at any time. All the time.

It was around this time I also became engaged and started planning a wedding.

By this point we had decided we didn’t want to try and get pregnant. Doing so could potentially prevent us from having children in the future.

After trying and having no success we opted to do a round of clomid and got pregnant on the second round. Wasting no time, when my daughter turned 1, we decided we wanted to try again. We tried for 8 months before the doctor suggested doing a surgery to clean out my uterus again.

The Endometriosis Started to Spread

In Aug of 2012 I found out my endometriosis had spread to my bowls.

Luckily for us we did conceive our second daughter 1 month after the laparoscopy. In 2014, my symptoms took a turn for the worse and still have not let up.

I can no longer get out of bed due to the pain from the cramps.

I can no longer suck it up and pretend to my husband the pain isn’t really that bad.

And most of all I am tired of constantly being tired no matter how much I sleep.

Literally, No Options

In January 2014 we saw my doctor who refered us to an Infertility Specialist because I was no longer ovulating due to my endometriosis. I am only 24 years old and this is the most devastating news!

We were faced with a couple of options: either pursue infertility treatments now to have our third child, or have a total hysterectomy to potentially relieve the pain.

What kind of options are those?!

We have done three rounds of failed clomid and now we are on our first cycle of Femara all thanks to Endometriosis we may never get to have a third child.

To be honest, I know I’m lucky. But, the thing that gets me the most is when people say “You have two kids, you aren’t infertile” or “Just relax and it will happen.”

Endo has taken so much for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those folks have zero idea what we’ve gone through to get those two children.

Those people don’t realize that I can’t just relax. It’s impossible.

We Have To Raise More Awareness

endometriosis awareness

We all need to continue to fight and raise endometriosis awareness anyway we can. Even if it is just by sharing an endometriosis battle story like this one from time to time.

For so long I didn’t talk about endometriosis or when I would someone would think it was an STD. So, I was scared to talk about it. Endo is the silent killer of dreams and I won’t be still anymore. I won’t be quiet about it.

For all the women out there please continue to be strong and have faith!


Consider Sharing Your Endometriosis Story

It’s not whining. It’s not complaining.

It’s also not easy to do, we get that.

Please consider it though. Consider telling the story of how you have battled endometriosis. The more stories we can share, the more the world may start to realize how common endometriosis really is…how devastating it is…and maybe, just maybe it’ll inspire someone else to stand up and take action.

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