How to Help

First we want you to remember this: No matter how big or small, every action counts. Once you decide you’d love to help us, you can contact us for a deeper relationship OR you can keep it casual and just get involved from time to time. Here are some ways you can help Braave succeed in helping women with endometriosis.

Join the Braave Email List

Give us your email and we promise to never abuse it. We’ll only use it to share new content from time to time as well as alert you of things like Braave events (5Ks, etc) in addition to new merchandise that may be available should you want to purchase a nice new braave t-shirt.

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Share Your Story

Have you or someone you know battled endometriosis? If so, we need your stories for our endometriosis battle series.

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Like and Follow Braave on the social nets

Braave, inc. is on a few different social channels.

On Facebook, we’ll mainly be sharing some facts and figures through social objects like photos and infographics. We’ll also be telling stories of women battling endometriosis through video and blog articles, as well as curating content from other resources that have helped the women in our community. Those are things like certain sections of the Hyster Sisters, etc.

On Twitter, we’ll be doing some of the same as facebook, but over there we’ll be more engaged one-to-one like that channel allows. We’ll also be retweeting and highlighting some other influencers and helpers in the area of endometriosis.

On Instagram, we’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from events, meetings, maybe even an image or two with a helpful fact.

Google Plus? Welp, G+ isn’t where a lot of our audience will be, but we’ll be there with a lot of what you may see on Facebook, but with longer form commentary on the content we share. So, if G+ is your thing, circle us and follow there.

Here are the Braave social accounts:

Share articles and content on social media

Read an article you thought was helpful? Share it. Aside from following us, there is no easier, yet more helpful way than sharing the content so that others may find it.

When many of the women in our community were battling endometriosis, if they’d have found helpful content sooner, they may have learned enough about the disease to more accurately describe to their physician and get a diagnosis more quickly.

Here are some foundational articles if you want to get going and share. Simply click on the article and when it opens, share on your favorite social platform:

Shop AmazonSmile, Select Braave, Inc.

This is a super fun way to help: guilt-free charitable shopping. In other words, by doing nothing more than using this link to shop on AmazonSmile, Braave gets 5% of the purchase back from Amazon.

Pretty neat, eh?

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Make a donation to Braave

We don’t need money to spread the message, but it helps. If you’ve got an extra $5, $10, or $15 and you want to help, but you’re not into social, email, or events – maybe give it to us?

The money you send will be used to fund post-surgery gift baskets, hire content writers, pay some of our administrative costs like keeping this site up, throwing events like 5Ks, holding groups, and our one of a kind Uterus Going Away Parties.

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