Have You Seen The Braave Endometriosis T-Shirt?

endometriosis tshirt

You did it!

A few months back, a group of you donated some of your precious hard earned cash to Braave. The cash from those donations went towards hiring a couple different designers to come up with cool designs we could use to develop products to raise more capital.

The first of those products are these Braave Endometriosis T-shirts. The shirts are printed on American Apparel and are offered in 8 different colors (including all sizes).

Why B is for Braave?

Great question.

If you’ve been following along, you know the story behind the word Braave. Most Endometriosis foundations lead with the word Endo or Endometriosis somewhere in the name, and that’s great because Endo needs that awareness out there.

However, we felt there was a need to lower the barrier a bit. To take a step back from the disease itself and lead with a call-to-action. A call-to-action (and design) that might invite a conversation. A design that might be embraced even by folks not suffering from or have any contact with endometriosis.

If that works the way it should, our message spreads further and touches people we may never have touched before.

Ultimately though, Braave is an ode to all those ladies out there that keep fighting.

Fighting for a correct diagnosis. Fighting to get up everyday and push through the pain. Fighting for the world to see that there actually IS something going on with them – it’s just not all in her head – it’s real.

Where Does the Money From Your Purchase Go?

You’re full of awesome questions!

One fine day we hope to have a staff of folks working full-time to fulfill our mission statement and support women with endometriosis. In the meantime, any money you donate to Braave or any cash from products you purchase will go directly to the following items.

  • Website server costs
  • Web content development
  • Development of new programs
  • Product design and development
  • Advertising

In the very near future we’ll be hosting events, offering post-surgery support through our Braave Boxes™, and more.

I also think I should note that Braave team members do not make a salary of any kind. Shawnda and myself are currently funding about 95% of this through whatever cash we scrounge up from our day jobs.

So – why not help us and get something pretty cool in return?

Go grab your Braave shirt here >>