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endometriosis story

Roxanne and her husband Eric submitted our first Endo Battle Story.

Have you battled or continue to battle endometriosis? We would love to share your story on the Braave blog.

The more we can share stories about endometriosis, the more the world will recognize its signs and symptoms, and the sooner women battling endometriosis will be able to step forward and get a correct diagnosis.

Want to see an example of an Endo Battle Story? Read Roxanne Strine’s entry.

In the form below, write out your complete story. As much as you are comfortable sharing.

Start from day one and bring the reader up to present day. Write as if you are talking a friend through this, helping her navigate based off what you’ve been through.

After you submit, please consider sending a photo for the article to dave [at] braave [dot] org. 



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