Three Endometriosis Hashtags to Help You Find Community

As awareness of Endometriosis spreads, it becomes easier and easier to find support for what you are going through.

Whether it be in real-life social events, one-to-one meetups and support groups, or even social media.

Social media, in particular, can be especially helpful because of the wide range of helpful content you can find there – in addition to general conversation between fellow endometriosis warriors.

Below are three hashtags we’ve found to be the most active. Users post everything from general status updates to photos and links to articles. Next time you’re feeling alone and no where to turn, pull up one of these hashtags, and you’ll more than likely find some conversation that will give you the confidence you need to keep moving.

1. #Endometriosis

On Instagram, #Endometriosis has about 29,000 posts and climbing every few minutes. Without a hashtag tracking tool, I can’t get exact numbers for Twitter, but below you can see the stream gets updated every few minutes with someone else tweeting about Endo. Feel free to jump right in the convo.

2. #EndoWarrior

On Instagram, #EndoWarrior is closing in on 7,000 posts – Twitter is fairly active as well. By browsing the #EndoWarrior hashtag, you’ll find a lot of inspirational content and updates from women fighting the good fight each day. Need a quick dose of motivation? This is your hashtag.

Below is a recent post I pulled from Instagram. Truer words were never spoken.

3. #Endosisters

#EndoSisters is another one climbing the charts on Instagram at around 7,690 posts at the time of this writing. Not updated as often on twitter, but maybe a couple times an hour you’ll find some content there.

Here you’ll find some more community minded content. Content aimed at pulling women together, to band together against this disease.


Hashtags are a great, real-time way to find conversation centered around endometriosis. As you are exploring the three above, you’ll no doubt find more hashtags, some that may even drill down more closely to what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that some folks like to use a lot of these hashtags across ALL of their posts, so you’ll see a lot of cross-pollination of hashtag streams.

In our next post, we’ll highlight some social media groups we’ve found helpful over the years. In the meantime, if you’ve found a particular resource to be helfpul, maybe leave it in the comments below?