What is Braave?

Long story short, brave with one “a” was already taken. But, braave, truly is the namesake of our organization.

Here’s why.

As women are battling this disease, they are often misdiagnosed many times. My wife, in particular, was misdiagnosed five different times with everything from cancer to psychosis. You read that right, the doctor said it “was all in her head.”

So, it took bravery on her part to not give in – to truly believe that there was something the doctors were not seeing. She kept fighting, researching, learning, until she could better speak the medical language, communicate more clearly with the doctors, and begin to become a true advocate for herself. You can read more of her story, in her own words, here.

That is precisely what we aim to do with Braave.

Inspire that same feeling of bravery in other women battling endometriosis. Then, at the same time, provide support and education that may help shorten the learning curve so these women may find the disease in a few months instead of a few years.

Sound like something you want to be apart of?

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